Red Deer

Authentic American and European cuisine with a focus on simplicity and seasonality.

Countryside recreation for the whole family on a vast territory

Areas for active recreation, fishing, shooting, and recreational procedures. Accommodation in rooms of different categories, the possibility to rent a cottage for a weekend or the whole summer. Bar, restaurant with Russian and European cuisine, specialties, and varied wine list.
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Hotels and cottages

There are three hotel buildings and six cottages on the complex's territory. Accommodation options vary in size, cost, and the number of guests.

We offer a variety of choices, depending on the composition and size of the company, the age of children in the family, your hobbies, and your desired level of comfort.


Corps with spacious and comfortable apartments, built of eco-materials by the author's design. Each room has a separate terrace.


Corps is located on the sandy beach, on the shore of the emerald lake. Recommended for families with children. Accommodation with animals is possible.


Each house has a living room, three bedrooms and a kitchen. You can rent the cottage for a weekend or the whole summer. Accommodation with animals is possible.


The building is located near the main sports fields. An excellent choice for those who are actively involved in sports.

Crescent SPA

SPA - a serene place on the shore of an emerald lake, where under the sounds of the surrounding nature are individual procedures, classes in the fitness studio and relaxing comprehensive spa-programs.
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We rely on simplicity and seasonality of products. Each recipe is based on a minimum of components, which best emphasizes the exquisite taste of each ingredient.
For resident guests, as well as owners of cards "SPORT" and "VIP" fishing declared open.
The first fishing trip! For resident guests and "SPORT" and "VIP" card holders we declare the fishing trip open.
On FITASC Centennial Day, the 54th European Sporting Championships started at the Crescent Refuge!